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Rhodes Holidays are Intriguing with Plethora of Activities

Cheap Rhodes Holidays

The Island of Knights is located on the southern tip of the Aegean Sea. The existence of this Aegean gem goes back to the Stone Age. Immersed in intriguing Greek mythology and fascinating culture. Rhodes Holidays is a magical retreat for backpackers. Indeed UNESCO had recognized the old town for its cultural as well as historical significance. 

There had been a rise in tourism for myriad reasons. Over one million tourists flock to the Island every year – thereby making it a major attraction. Moreover, the Island is an escape for a backpacker. Many of them belong to cosmopolitan cities living a jet-set life. Tranquillity and pristine characteristics of this Island draw tourism. Cheap Holidays to Rhodes is loaded with historical and cultural sightseeing.   

Weather in Rhodes

Perfect weather conditions draw tourists towards the Island. Above all 3000 hours of sunshine, every year is the main reason behind the huge success of tourism. During peak summers the temperature rises up to 38 °C almost touching 40. This is indeed delightful news for beachgoers. Plenty of sunshine ensures wonderful beach time and enough vitamin D.  The resplendent and beautiful sunny days would be a memorable experience. From March the weather improves and the sea temperature rise up to 16°C; warm enough to plunge in the sea and enjoy a swim.

Rhodes Restaurants

Check out the mouth-watering Greek cuisine from the nearby restaurant. There are several places to get a quick bite and savor the best dishes.

The multi-cuisine Opera Steak House provides the best taste. Relish the gastronomic delights prepared from locally found ingredients. Besides the eclectic flavours includes lamb kebab, beef goulash, and chicken kiev.  

The fascinating Old Town boast of riveting sightseeing – however, the restaurants and food are equally delicious in the surroundings. Todo Bien is an excellent Spanish themed restaurant with good ambiance. Indeed the look of the Latin American and Cuban memorabilia and various refreshments and cocktails lightens the atmosphere. This is a perfect place for relaxation on Rhodes Holidays.

Alluring Beach Holidays to Rhodes      

The Aegean Sea draws beach lovers of myriad preferences. Beach Holidays to Rhodes with family and children includes the spectacular coastline of Tsampika and Agathi. Relax around the shallow water and soft sandy bay; perhaps a wonderful opportunity to built sandcastles with kids. Furthermore, the western side of Rhodes Town boasts of remarkable coastline and active wind to enjoy kite-surfing and windsurfing. For absolute harmony and also complete bliss head towards Aghios Georgios or Mavros Kavos on the south-eastern side. Sunny seacoast is in every direction of Rhodes Island. The Island is a sun-seekers delight.

  • Kallithea Seashore

Located in proximity to the Rhodes town and famous for medicinal springs. Amble through the opulent buildings surrounded by pine and palm trees. Moreover, the Arabic mosaic near the springs is a captivating sight.   

  • Anthony Quinn Bay

It is true! The beach is named after the famous Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn. Also, Anthony Quinn was part of the Guns of Navarone star caste. The beach is pure and pristine. This in fact impressed the actor and he tried to purchase but the deal could not be finalized due to some legal issue with the state. The underwater reefs are splendid for snorkeling. Also, the rock formation is spectacular. 

  • Ladiko Beach

Greek villages are peaceful and the hub of natural wealth and beautiful surroundings. Needless to say but villages are wonderful places to know about the enriching Greek culture. One such beach is Ladiko which is 2 km from Faliraki village. The facilities are exceptional and the hospitality of the local villagers is remarkable. The picture-perfect surroundings include gorgeous cliffs and scattered rocks. Thereby making it an artist dream. Besides, the taverns serve fresh seafood and good wine. 

  • Afandou Beach

Here is another exquisite coastline near Afandou Village. The long stretch of the sandy bay provides enough space for relaxation. Also, there is a mixture of pebble and sand, nevertheless, the crystal clear water is ideal for swimming. Apart from swimming and leisure, it is perfect for some thrill such as windsurfing. The quintessential Greek characteristic is very much present in this part of the world. Check out the fish tavernas and relish the freshly cooked seafood. Also, don’t forget to raise the toast with the glass of authentic Greek wine. 

Diving in Rhodes

Beach Breaks to Rhodes Island also brings forth plenty of euphorias. Besides the Island is loaded with a popular diving spot. In fact, many of the snorkeling zones are scattered around the Island. Lindos bay is a spectacular diving area to watch the marine creatures. Plimiri bay is for divers who are eager to see shipwrecks. Pefkos and Ladiko are full of sea life and majestic reefs. 

Haven for History Buffs

History is a quintessential feature of the Greek Island. Moreover, the remarkable past of the nation and its Islands had a fascinating influence on humanity. Therefore many of the sites are part of the UNESCO heritage. Indeed anyone with a proclivity for archaeology should plan Cheap Rhodes Holidays.

  • Old Town

The experience is akin to walking in a simulation of the ancient past. It might also give an impression of a ‘period movie set’. The remarkable fortification and the cobbled streets certainly give an impression of the bygone era. Amble through the streets of Knights which had been around since the 14th century. It was a melting point of knights from myriad nationalities. Everyone belonged to the Order of Knights of St John of Jerusalem. The ethnicities were German, Spanish, Italian, English, and French. Head towards the western side of the street and there are reminiscences of the Ottoman era. In fact, the old bathhouses Hammams and the Sultan Mustafa Mosque had been around since the 17th century.    

  • Lindos Acropolis

The Village of Lindos covers a good part of ancient history. It was also under the foreign rule for centuries, nevertheless, the 7th century BC Mycenaeans ruins are quite captivating. The important ancient site includes Lindos Acropolis and Doric Temple of Athenia Lindia. Besides the ancient world, the 14th century Castle of the Knights of St John is a riveting site. 

  • Colossus of Rhodes

This architectural marvel was one of the seven wonders in the ancient world. The gigantic monument sometimes seems like a figment of the imagination. It is indeed otherworldly. It used to be the largest statue during the ancient period. The huge statue belonged to the Sun God. Many archaeologists and historians speculate about the statue which brings forth intriguing discussions and debates. The statue had been destroyed on numerous occasions due to the earthquake. 

  • Archaeological Museum

Browse through the archaic artifacts in the ancient museum. The old objects dating back to the Greek, Roman, Mycenaean, and Hellenistic periods. The excavated items include ceramics, sculptures, statues, and vases.  

Remarkable Family Holidays to Rhodes

It is a fun-filled destination for children. There are many excellent places for Family Holidays to Rhodes. Several historical sites would interest grownups. Besides archeological sites, beaches and resorts are tranquil and family-friendly. In Faliraki check out the ‘Faliraki Water Park’ and ‘Luna Park.’

The kid would love the Valley of Butterfly and also the magical Seven Springs. In town visit the Marine Aquarium which provides a natural environment for Mediterranean species. Apart from the majestic sightseeing kids are going to love the gastronomic delights. Indeed the little ones would certainly savor delicious desserts such as Loukoumadhes, Galaktoboureko, and Politiko pagoto. Needless to say but Greek food should never be missed. It is quite enticing and delicious -well integrated into the rich culture. 

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