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An Excellent Guide to Cape Verde Holidays

All Inclusive Cape Verde Holidays

Cape Verde is an archipelago of 10 beautiful islands in the Atlantic. This island country has many places still relatively undiscovered. Venture out on a vacation on Cape Verde Holidays for a magical combination of unspoilt beaches, stunning landscapes and unique fusion of African, Portuguese and Creole cultures. It has plenty of sunshine all through the year. From music to water sports, there is a lot to do on this destination. Most important of all, Cape Verde is one of the most affordable exotic destinations for winter sun too. So, a hop on to this archipelago doesn’t cost you the earth! If you are an outdoor enthusiast, the hike worthy terrain of this amazing archipelago will please you with beautiful trails. Here, we have chosen the most enthralling sites to visit and activities to indulge on Cheap Holidays to Cape Verde. From tousling jungles to volcanic peaks, flower-filled gardens to rich historical sites of Santiago, the isles are waiting to charm you.

When to Visit Cape Verde

The sun sparkles each day on these excellent islands, and, even during cold January. You can expect average day temperatures of about 25°C on Holidays to Cape Verde. Perfect for relaxing by the pool or rambling on the seashore! Usually, it rains for two to three days in the month of December. Even in January and February, this island country enjoys seven hours of sunshine.

The seashores in Cape Verde are the islands’ greatest draw. Every island has its own unique charm with unmistakable scene and character. Some of them are especially notable for their beaches. First among these are Sal and Boa Vista. These two are the famous island destinations among visitors. Lapped by striking blue waters, every mile of white soft sand offers a beautiful spot to relax. Even during peak times, one can find a place to spread a towel.

Explore Fascinating Culture 

The Cape Verde islands boast a unique fusion of African, Portuguese and Creole cultures. It is vividly reflected in the local cuisine, customs, architecture and music. Hit the largest island Santiago to observe the authentic culture up and close on Cheap Holidays to Cape Verde. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll be pleased by the hike-worthy terrain of the little archipelago. Explore the elegant Portuguese colonial buildings at colourful capital of Praia and former capital of Cidade Velha. While Morna music is heard everywhere, there are many places to listen to it live.

Places to Visit on Last Minute Holidays to Cape Verde

From exploring the towns to discovering the great sceneries, Cape Verde has immaculate places to visit and activities to indulge. Moreover, each island offers a unique experience with an unbridled spirit. Either you plan your getaway in advance or risk till the last moment to hop on Last Minute Holidays to Cape Verde, the impressions are same.

  • Santo Antao

The second-largest island of the archipelago offers a dazzling mix of lush green scenery and sights of volcanic hills. Especially, it is a paradise for hikers, rock climbers and scuba divers.

  • Sao Vincente

An interesting island and home to Mindelo, an energizing city overflowing with music, craftsmanship and culture. Mindelo’s boulevards are loaded up with the striking architecture and some exuberant eateries and bars with live music. The beaches are popular for windsurfing.

  • Brava Island

The ideal destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. This smallest inhabited island in Cape Verde can be reached only by boat. But, nature strikes you with a dazzling landscape of gorges, mountains, and flower-filled hillsides and gardens.

  • Sal

Ideally, Sal seduces the beach lovers. The sparkling turquoise waters adorned with white sands are perfect for water sports. Besides, the party animals can love the vibrant nights at Santa Maria. Housing Cape Verde’s capital Praia, Santiago is good for sightseeing to observe the rich culture and heritage.

  • Fogo

Irrespective of the time of your visit, never forget Fogo during Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Cape Verde. Because this red hot island is famous for volcanic lava sites at 2,829 meters high Pico de Fogo.

  • Palmeira

Certainly, the bustling harbour town of Palmeira should be in the bucket list.  Not only for the stunning architecture and vibrant party scene, but it is also an excellent place to discover the rich coral reefs.

Things to do in Cape Verde

  • Spot the Sea Turtles

Spotting the sea turtles is one of the joyous things to do with young kids. In fact, Sal and Boa Vista are great places to find Caretta Caretta turtles. These amazing turtles nest on the islands’ beaches. Indeed, it will be a great spectacle for the eye on Low Deposit Holidays to Cape Verde. Most important of all, these spots on the beaches are protected zones. But, one can visit this place with an expert guide. Only he can explain the life of these fascinating creatures.

  • Ride the Horse on Sal Beach

Sal is the most prominent beach of Santa Maria. It is not only a place to go all-out wet and wild but also an ideal place to try different activities. Who doesn’t like to ride a horse on a soft sandy stretch? Even if we fall also there is no danger of getting hurt. Hence, dare to ride on a horse on this beach. Moreover, there are many horse riding tours on offer at the waterfront.

Learn Kite Surfing with Beach Breaks

Apart from sunbathing, tanning and swimming, Kite surfing is one of the most popular activities on the island. The experts can hit on the beach with a kit directly on Beach Breaks to Cape Verde. But, the beginners can take basic lessons with experts and even can better their skills at surfing schools. There are many such schools to teach surfing on the islands.

  • Scuba Dive in Sal

One of the greatest reasons that drive tourists to Sal is scuba diving. Definitely, this island is the finest diving destination on the ocean. Besides, the sight of hammerhead sharks, stingrays, sailfish and tuna make it more enthralling. Farol Baiox and Choclasse are the best places for an underwater treat.

Cape Verde offers Rich Tastes

The food is an easy route to know a nation better. Most importantly, it helps the visitors to feel the local culture and heritage better. Thereby, it makes an easy connection with the ex-pats. Very often, one gets to listen to the traditional stories behind the dishes. So, Cape Verde also never fails to impress the travelers with great cuisine, certainly, the island nation serves its delicacies blended with love and warmth. When you taste Capucha, you will have no doubt that the islanders call it their national dish. Actually, many whole ingredients go into its making. Especially, the islanders use maize, onions, green bananas, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage and etc to prepare this scrumptious dish.

Easy to Get Around Cape Verde

The islands of Cape Verde have excellent means of transport. When it comes to roaming inside the islands, buses are cheap and affordable. However, take to propeller crafts or ferry rides to get around the archipelago on Cape Verde Holidays. Besides, one can hire a car or a taxi to explore the attractions of the islands in comfort.

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