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A Complete Guide to Bulgaria Holidays

Cheap Bulgaria Holidays

Bulgaria might not be the first destination that comes into mind when anyone thinks of a holiday. But the affordability if compared to rest of other prominent European destinations is making Bulgaria Holidays popular among millions of tourists now. It is not just low costs! But the country is loaded with spectacular attractions and activities to immerse and indulge.Offering a Balkan adventure like no other nation, it has got splendid coastline, imposing mountains, lush green landscapes, and gushing waterfalls. Similarly, being home to several civilisations including the Thracians, Greeks and Romans, the history buffs can have endless discoveries at its rich wealth of ancient sites which are spread across the country.

Most importantly, the capital city of Sofia has several old-style buildings and roads. Simultaneously, the soulful folklore music of Bulgaria soothes your minds, while the exciting Sunny Beach parties lift your spirits high on Cheap Bulgaria Holidays. Besides, the very welcoming lovely people and the delicious food make the stay more appealing in this fascinating nation.

Best Time to Visit Bulgaria

Like any popular holiday destination in the world, the best time to visit Bulgaria too is during its shoulder seasons. So, visit during off-seasons of spring from April to May and autumn from September to October. Especially, these months are ideal to enjoy the most affordable deals of Cheap Holidays to Bulgaria. But, this Balkan country is also a wonderful year-round destination for diverse getaways. Summer from June to August is the high season in the country. It is an idyllic time for the beach bums to go wet and wild on the beautiful Black Sea Beaches. Similarly, November to February is a wonderful time to go skiing in the snow-capped high mountain slopes.

How long is the Flight from the UK to Bulgaria?

Being at a distance of 2,510 kilometres, it takes just about 3 ½ hours long direct flight from the UK. Most importantly, if someone holds a British Citizen Passport, there is no need for a Visa to visit the country up to three months of stay.

Why Bulgaria Holidays are Cheap and Very Affordable

Bulgaria might not be a heaven on the earth but still, it looks very close to being one. Especially, the low costs on food and accommodation make it more affordable. If not the cheapest, it is a great destination that offers good value for the money you spend. Hence, many pick Cheap Bulgaria Holiday deals to explore the epic mountains, exotic beaches and historical ancient sites.

Best Places to Visit and Things to See in Bulgaria

  • Varna

Sitting on the edge of the Black Sea, Varna is a wonderful place for the history buffs.  And also it is a fantastic spot for culture vultures as well as sun-seekers. The town boasts rich past to explore at its Roman Baths and can find you oodles of old orthodox architecture. Most importantly, the fine stretches of sand invite several to revel on the beaches. In the same way, the picturesque promenade of the city has many lively bars and restaurants. Specifically to dance till the dawn and laze until the evenings with delicious sips and bites.

  • Sofia

Located midway between the Black and Adriatic Seas, the capital city of Sofia is at the foothills of the magnificent Vitosha Mountains. Human settlement dating back to 30,000 years, it is considered as the second oldest city in Europe. Hence, the history buffs need not think twice to grab Low Cost Bulgaria Holidays and hop on to this Bulgarian metropolis. Most of the historical sites are considerably close and can be explored by walk. The famous attractions include Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Vitosha Boulevard, Banya Bashi Mosque, Church of St. George, Central Market Hall, Sofia Synagogue and St. Kyriaki Cathedral.

  • Burgas

Burgas, the fourth largest city of this nation provides an excellent blend of modern art, manicured parks, beaches and shopping.  Find an affordable Last Minute Deals to visit this small coastal city. One can easily explore the place by strolling along the winding streets. Besides, the seaside parks and seafront walks provide much peace on a holiday. Displaying the artifacts belonging to the civilisations of Thracians, Greeks and Romans, The Archaeological Museum of Burgas is a must-visit site.

Similarly, the city is an idyllic place to rock on with lively music festivals like the Spirit of Burgas in summers.

  • Rila Monastery

Being the most famous Eastern Orthodox Monastery in the world, Rila Monastery has become the authentic symbol of the Bulgarian nation. Making into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, one can find several styles of architecture including Mamluk, Arabesque, Byzantine and Romanesque. It is a great place to explore a thousand years of history at one spot.Furthermore, the sprawling courtyards and fascinating art capture every eye.

Best Beaches in Bulgaria

If someone looks for a promising summer holiday which offers more than just beaches at a low price, then one should not look farther away from Bulgaria. The splendid Black Sea Beaches have much in store to lure the beach lovers and sun seekers. As well as, it is also ideal to immerse in water adventure along its coast. Especially, the Sunny Beach of Bulgaria is a great hot-spot for the holidaymakers. So, Bulgaria Beach Holidays are nothing but letting the ecstasies reach the new heights.  Similarly, visit the Marina Dinevi in St Vlas village for clean waters, Smokinya close to Sozopol for camping and Pomorie to spend the beach times in peace. Likewise, one can find a perfect beach of their choice easily suiting their needs and requirements.

Bulgaria for Families, Kids and Toddlers

Many search the internet trying to find out what it is like to visit Bulgaria with families, kids and toddlers. Definitely a great place to take your loved and little ones without any hesitation. So, choose Family Holidays to Bulgaria to give fond memories to your kids and loved ones at the clean beaches. Furthermore, make them go gaga at the water parks and enjoy dining with them at the child-friendly restaurants. Besides, there are laid back beaches and peaceful quieter resorts which offer a plethora of activities to keep the little ones engrossed on a getaway.

What’s Bulgaria for Skiing?

Over the years France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and other winter destinations might be popular for skiing resorts. But, the affordability and the best value for money are making the skiing lovers turn to Bulgaria and other Balkan nations. Certainly, this nation has some fantastic locations with great slopes to enjoy Ski Holidays in Bulgaria.

Getting Around Bulgaria

Bulgarian buses offer the speedy means of travel between the cities and towns. Meanwhile, there are also railways which provide cheaper means of commuting inside this Balkan nation. However, renting a car is the best option to be independent and roam across the country at your own speed.

Soulful Bulgarian music

Including classical, folk and modern ones, Bulgarian music is popular across the world. Especially, the lively and rhythmic folklore is a favourite in many parts of the globe. Above all, the song ‘Izlel je Delyo hajdutin’ sung by famous Bulgarian folk singer ‘Valya Mladenova Balkanska’ was sent to space by NASA. Probably, the so-called aliens might be enjoying those soothing notes even today.

Gastronomy of Bulgaria

Being famous for its quality vegetables and dairy products, Bulgaria serves the expats the delicious dishes which are tasty and fresh. Accordingly, it even provides the evidences of preserving rich cultural heritage in its recipes.

Likewise, it also maintains its own unique flavors and aromas different from the remaining Balkan nations. Bulgaria Holidays let you taste the delicious grills, Banitza pastry, Lukanka appetizer, Shkembe soup.

Finally, get back healthy by sampling down the ‘Kiselo Mlyako’ yoghurt which is said to be the secret dish behind Bulgarians longevity.

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