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Charming Prague City Breaks for Unraveling the Beauty

Prague City Breaks 2020

The city draws millions of tourist throughout the world. Many aspects of the city enchant and leave a lasting impact. Indeed the mind-boggling charm of the medieval architecture entices and the grandeur structures would certainly linger the mind. A City Breaks to Prague is a nice way to admire the beautiful architecture and also appreciate the remarkable culture, food, museums which exude a spellbinding influence. In fact, a holistic tour that would leave fascinating memories, also a trip loaded with aesthetic appeal and spectacular sightseeing. Don’t miss the beer and museums. The old streets and the charming Charles Bridge over the Vltava River is awe-inspiring. Look out for Weekend Prague City Breaks and take time-off the daily schedule to explore the splendor of the majestic city.

Apart from the graceful art of the castles and palaces some architectural endeavors such as the Astronomical Clock and Zizkov Tower create plenty of interest. The locals disparage the Zizkov Tower due to political reasons and also it hides medieval masterpiece. Nevertheless, it generates interest among tourist despite the negative publicity.

Best time to visit Prague

It depends on the individual, but some backpackers prefer spring that starts in March and ends in May. It might be too early for the holiday season but a perfect moment to grab the opportunity and venture on a sightseeing trip. Hotel prices are lower and the accommodation is excellent. However, there could be occasional chill and cold winds. Hence packing extra winter clothes is the best thing to do. Don’t miss the food festival in May. Exotic dishes and beer are the quintessential features of Czech Republic gastronomy.

June is a peak summer season to commemorate the death anniversary of the famous existentialist author Franz Kafka. It won’t be the dark and gloomy Kafkaesque setting; rather a different experience. The city holds a unique infatuation for Kafka’s literature. Indeed the sunny weather in June would bring a smile on the face which dilutes the darkness of Kafka world. But the accommodation in June is almost full. Therefore booking in advance would help. Besides summers, Prague is in demand during the winters starting from November. Festivities in winter are excellent. Christmas market and the lightening, decorations are magnificent.

Prague City Breaks and the Relishing Food

Delicious food and delectable Beer are important features of Prague City Breaks. Apart from the culture and sightseeing the Czech Republic city is a paradise for foodies. Also, the city is a haven for those with a big appetite for Beer.

  • Prague Food Tour

The culinary is worth experiencing, but the food tours have been receiving positive feedback for 9 years since its inception in 2011. It does give a unique perspective of the region. In fact, a City Breaks with stimulating gastronomy is a dream. It isn’t merely strolling through the city and town or munching & drinking. The guided trip leaves a rich experience about the culture and tradition of the city. There is plenty of conversation with the guide on food and its integration in culture.

  • Food Festival from May

Bon Appétit!

The season begins from May and continues till September. It’s a great time to relish myriad delicacies. There are international dishes and also special Vege fest for those who are ardent vegetarians. Enjoy the Berger feast which is a huge BBQ event. There is also Asia fest where dishes from India, China, Vietnam, and Japan can be relished. Try the French, Italian cuisine. Don’t miss out on the Beer fest – in fact, the ubiquitous presence of the popular Czech Republic liquor enriches the experience.

  • Interesting Food Choice in Prague

Czech delicacy like Pork Knuckle is a popular choice. It is a traditional dish which is, in fact, exotic to a foreigner. It might sound weird, nevertheless, mouthwatering and irresistible. Other local dishes are Vepřo-knedlo-zelo with stewed cabbage and meat chunks. For social gatherings, Chlebíčky is served with salami, pickles, ham, egg, or cucumber as toppings. Enjoy the juicy sausage Grilované Klobásy. Get a taste of the traditional pastries Trdelník. Apart from the lip-smacking gastronomic delights gulp the local Beer. Beer consumption is massive in Prague.

Cheap City Breaks to Prague for Museum Lovers

Prague may be similar to Berlin experience with a dystopian past. It was under the communist rule and also in the radar of the superpowers during the Cold War era. Cheap City Breaks to Prague is full of diversity and the interesting aspect of the place can be captured in the museums.

  • Franz Kafka Museum

Discover the dark and interesting world of the famous existentialist author Franz Kafka. Indeed the Kafkaesque world is quite fascinating. Prague is where Kafka was born and lived his formative years. In fact, he might have meandered around the lanes wandering in the abyss of his existence. May be developing the dark plot for his stories and characters. The museum is a tribute to Kafka and it is an engrossing place that gives a glimpse into the life of the author. If you are an existentialist or someone reading on the subject then the museum is a must-visit. There is a rich collection of Kafka including manuscripts, personal diaries, letters as well as photographs.

  • Communist Museum

Check out the post WW11 collections about the communist era. The Czech Republic has a long and interesting history of the Cold War. It provides a unique perspective of the era. By delving into the collection conjures stimulating images of that period like the propaganda posters and the huge statue of Lenin. Many items belong to the interrogation room, photographs of school classroom and condition of workers in the factory can be found in the museum.

Short Breaks to Prague to Indulge in Interesting Sightseeing   

Short Breaks to Prague is a treat for anyone seeking aesthetics, art and culture. The monuments are in plenty.

  • Charles Bridge

The most iconic bridge which is akin to a pilgrim site. It is an important monument and major tourist attraction. Build during Emperor Charles IV and eggs were used to strengthen the structure. Watch the statues and also the artist who sell their paintings around the bridge.

  • River Cruise

A plethora of sightseeing is seen from the Vltava River. There are numerous cruises like dinner cruise, music cruise, evening cruise, moreover, special cruises for sightseeing. It is indeed resplendent and refreshing to watch the beautiful city from the boat.

  • Prague Castle

Watch the splendor of medieval architecture in Prague Castle. It was the centre of power for the Kings of Bohemia. Today the iconic structure is the office of the Czech president. The towering architecture perhaps inanimate – nevertheless witnessed important historical events in the city. Above all, it looks grand and dazzling from the Vltava River.

  • Prague Zoo

Perhaps a good break from riveting architecture and to delve into something natural. A wonderful place to be when planning a Family Holidays to Prague. It is one of the oldest zoos that go back to 1861. Hence an interesting history attached to the place. The numbers of animals are huge with 650 species and 4 thousand animals. The staggering diversity of various species is mesmerizing. The kids would love the animals and understanding about the myriad species would be an education. The zoo is a magnificent place to be and a different experience when compared to the rich architecture and spectacular museums.

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