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The Best Theme Parks for Thrilling City Breaks

Best Theme Parks in Europe

Do you love the excitement of a sudden rush and butterfly feelings in your stomach? If you are an adrenaline junkie, certainly you will be longing for such thrilling experiences. But where to find such dopamine and endorphin gushing chills at one place on a getaway? Definitely, the thrilling theme and amusement parks should be your idyllic destinations. The rollercoaster water rides, heart-pumping falls, crazy slides and exciting drops equally exhilarate all ages. Besides, the irresistible attractions and entertaining games lure millions to these theme parks across the world. Either one goes on a long haul with Cheap Holidays or hops on for a short city breaks or a beach break, there are some riveting amusement parks across Europe to make your journey filled with fun, frolic and freaky experiences.

How the Concept of Amusement Parks Evolved

Actually, the concept of theme parks evolved over the years based on the traditions of the past.  Periodic fairs, pleasure gardens and exhibitions used to be a part of the lives in several countries. Still, this continues in many parts of the world. The oldest influence can be traced back to 1133 where Bartholomew Fair in England. It used to be very popular in the middle ages. But, the actual concept of fixed amusement park took shape with the increase of world’s fairs in the 19th century.

The Earliest Theme Parks in the World

Bakken or Dyrehavsbakken in Denmark which was opened in 1583 is the oldest amusement park in the world. Initially, the attractions were all-natural and it was shut down later. But eventually, it turned into a real theme park after King Frederik V reopened it in 1756. Most important of all, this is still the oldest functioning park in the world. Similarly, Wurstelprater in Vienna of Austria dating back to 1766, Steeple Chase Park opened by entrepreneur George C. Tilyou in 1897   in New York and Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen of Denmark are few of the oldest theme parks in the world. Actually, Tivoli even inspired Walt Disney to come up with the Disney Land in later years.

The 6 Best Theme Parks in Europe

  • Disney Land, Paris (France)

Inarguably, the Disney Land in Paris is one of the best amusement parks in the world. This theme park which looks pleasing and amusing from outside can make someone go freaky with scary rides and thrilling falls from the crazy heights. Mainly, the Disneyland castle and movie-themed Walk Disney Studios offer more for kids at the Park. Featuring five lands, it entertains all ages through its world’s most thrilling rides to spectacular shows and cheerful parades. Above all, the classic Disney characters and rides along the haunting hill and star wars space mountain make it a perfect place for the Family City Breaks. Besides, one can even get some knowledge of animation at the famous Walt Disney Studios. Themes like Finding Nemo will marvel the little hearts on a holiday.

Disney Land, Paris

  • Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Dating back to 1843, Tivoli Gardens is the second oldest amusement park in Europe. This Denmark’s own Disney Land has thrilled many generations. Away from adventure, this park is good enough to visit just for its little waterways, beautiful gardens, restaurants and shops. Especially, the glistening lights in the evenings illuminate the park and offer the most exotic times. See the world turn upside down at Denmark by stepping aboard Aquila. This stunning rotating feat makes you experience the power of centrifugal force on your whole body. Finally, never forget the Golden Tower ride. In the first place, reaching 63 meters height is quite a nerve breaking task. Then coming down swiftly can bring out some crazy shouts involuntarily in you.

Tivoli Gardens

  • Europa Park, Germany

Germany has an abundant number of amusement parks, but nothing comes close to Europa when it comes to its size and wide array of thrills and joys. This largest theme park in the country is also the second-largest in the continent. Buy a Cheap Holiday deal or get on with a Cheap City Breaks to hit on this amazing park. Located in Rust, this park has themes ranging from Ice Land to Austria. Especially, it is a wonderful place to zip fast the scenes of 15 countries in just a few hours. Subsequently, the whopping number of 13 roller coasters and over 100 attractions make your holidays more adventurous. Finally, the Blue Fire Mega coaster and Alpenexpress Coastiality with a VR headset will challenge even the most adrenaline junkie too.

Europa Park, Germany City

  • PortAventura, Tarragona (Spain)

Barcelona City Breaks are the best to experience the excitement of rollercoaster rides. Located to the south of the city, PortAventura is the most popular theme park in Spain. In fact, over 4 million visit it every year. Housing six themed worlds of Mexico, China, Polynesia, Far West, Mediterranean, and Sesame Street, this park also has dozens of dramatic rides. In addition, Europe’s fastest Furius Baco ride which touches 135 KMPH in just 3 seconds takes your breath away any day.  Importantly, 76 meters tall Shambala roller coaster and   Hurakan Condor with 100-meter free fall make it worth your money. Significantly, it also has other attractions like Mayan inspired visual effects and Ferrari Land.

Portaventura, Barcelona City Breaks

  • Gardaland, Italy

Located at the northeastern part of Italy, Gardaland is definitely an amazing place to visit with families and children on any holiday. Specifically, the Garda Sea Life Aquarium will imprint the memories of life for the little ones. The transparent tunnel slide into the blue waters let you see the sharks, rays and other fish swim above you. With interactive rock pools and over 40 themed fish tanks, the aquarium itself can make it a complete day outing for you. But, visit the park too for the crazy Blue Tornado and double loop roller coasters. Either you choose a Last Minute Holiday hop or an early Low Deposit Holiday, remember to buy combined park and aquarium ticket to get the best value for the buck.

Gardaland, Italy City Breaks

  • Efteling, the Netherlands

Divided into five areas with different attractions, Efteling is the largest and the iconic theme park of the Netherlands. Started with just 10 fairy tale settings in 1952, today it houses 29 themes. Apart from these, the park has an innumerous amount of water rides. Ruigrijk area is perfect for thrilling water rides. And if you carry children, Marerijk is the best with many child-friendly attractions. Definitely, the adrenaline junks should try Joris and the Draak roller coaster rides. These rides make you scream your lungs out if not with fear but with excitement. Finally, Baron is the extremely popular roller-coaster dive in the park. This dive that plunges 37 meters deep with 90 KMPH high speed should really worth a try to Netherland. Alternatively, visiting this park also makes it the best trip on Amsterdam City Breaks due to its close proximity.

Efteling, Amsterdam City Breaks