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The 9 Best Camping Spots in Europe for Cheap Holidays

Cheap Camping Spots in Europe

Build your best holiday memories by pitching the tents at the most exotic camping destinations in Europe. Expand the horizon of Cheap Holidays by buying a trip to the wild spots or a destination to ride the waves. Get the best glamping experience at the luxurious beach sides or in the rugged mountainous landscapes. Whether you camp for a unique experience or for a retreat with nature, a tent, pillow, sleeping bag, some stuff to eat and drink is what you all need. This might be the cheapest way probably to spend holidays and also can be luxurious too, but certainly, it is the greatest way to experience the exhilarating thrills and surprises. Simultaneously, bivouacking finds you ways to build great bonds with families and friends at the sea or lakefronts, high in the mountains or alone in the desert.

Apart from that, tenting lets you to look the skies and gaze at the stars. Believe it, really there cannot be a greater feeling than this kind of getaways. Cook yourself dinners, but don’t forget to dance and sing around the campfires. Certainly, camping is a riveting way to truly unwind and unleash excitement in a different way. There are wonderful places across the continent to camp for a night or for several days in the woods and also at the waterfronts.

List of Cheap Camping Holidays in Europe

  • Le Clos du Lac, Provence, France

Located at the end of Ecrins national park, the 1485 meters tall mountain site offers instagrammable camping experiences. The high ambience gives great views of the picture-perfect surroundings. The nearby Serre-Poncon Lake is at a short walking distance. This pond is a wonderful spot for fishing in the mornings and swimming in the afternoons while camping during Low Cost Holidays to France. Besides, the kids can use the volleyball court and play area. And there is a botanical garden too. The outdoor enthusiasts can head to Boscodon forest to find beautiful hiking trails.

Background:  Mountain, Lake and Forest Nearby

Activities: Hiking, Swimming, Fishing and Volley Ball

  • Mazury, Poland

Pitching in Poland is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of the stressful daily life. Considered as the green lung of this pretty nation, the region is having rich verdant surroundings, picturesque lakes, tiny towns and quaint villages. So, bivouacking at this place is a perfect way to enjoy the times in the abode of nature.  While spending Holidays in Poland, one can find several spots to camp and enjoy mushroom picking, fishing as well as immerse in water sports too. Besides, it is a fantastic destination to venture out into the forests to find a variety of local wildlife.

Background: Lush Green Nature, Lakes

Activities: Mushroom Picking, Fishing, Water Sports, Wildlife

  • Obonjan Island Resort, Croatia

If one wants to enjoy luxury camping in a private island, Obonjan Resort at the Dalmatian coast of Croatia should be your next hop. Enjoying the views of the azure Adriatic Sea in front, Croatia Holidays provides great camping moments of your life. Furthermore, it is a nice way to spend with kids in the bell tents and experience the Bohemian life of comfort. Simultaneously, paddle boarding on the sea let you revel on the waters. Mainly, it is an ideal place to dance till the dawn with DJ sounds and savoury sips.

Background: Sea Front, Luxurious Facilities

Activities: Paddleboard and Partying

  • Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

Vila Nova de Milfontes at the sunny south-west coast of Portugal offers a great mix of camping along with wonderful experiences of surfing as well. Whether you want to spend the whole nights or enjoy the beautiful times of being in tents for days, there are many tenting sites in the region. Alternatively, the untouched beaches to surf on the clean azure blue waters let you pump the adrenalin. Besides the tranquil villages, there are fruit gardens and vineyards to relish nature’s gifts. Simultaneously, the epic trails provide wonderful experiences of hiking during the days of camping while enjoying Cheap Holidays to Portugal.

Background: Beach Front, Villages and Vine Yards

Activities: Surfing, swimming and hiking

  • Berlin, Germany

Berlin literally rose from the ashes of bombarding and division to spread joyous moments to the world after uniting. Either you choose Berlin City Breaks or go on Cheap Holidays to discover several campsites in and around the city. Also, there are wonderful places to pitch your tents close to Bavaria which is far away from the capital. Besides, one can find numerous campsites nearer to the metropolis to spend in the abode of lush green nature. After exploring the city’s historical sites and partying in the nights, one can find their way into these camps and caravans for unique and tranquil times with nature. Mainly, it is also an idyllic place for more comfortable glamping too.

Background: City and Lush Green Surroundings

Activities: Historical sites and partying

  • Zakynthos, Greece

Detox from the stress of daily life and fight the fatigue away by camping at the lesser-known isle of Greece, Zakynthos. Having a beach, boating docks, taverns and markets, Tartaruga is the best place to fix the tents. Moreover, it provides a nice opportunity to spot the sea turtles in May, June and July. Besides, there is also electricity in some caravans to enjoy the nights. So, choose Greece Holidays to unwind at the undiscovered locations on the island.

Background: Beach

Activities: Beach activities and turtle spotting

  • Castrojeriz, Spain

The reasons might be its islands, historical towns, beautiful beaches or it can be delicious food,Spain Holidays offer much diversity and delights on every visit. Additionally, there are innumerable locations to set up camps. It is an ideal country to discover the best bivouacking places alongside the beautiful coasts, lush green forests and also in the sloping mountains. Visit Castrojeriz to find several spots of camps, caravans and cabins en route to the shrine of the apostle Saint James. Most importantly, the hedge barriers safeguard privacy while the tents lit up at nights due to electricity.

Background: Coastline, Forests and Mountains

Activities: Sunbathe, trekking and peaceful moments

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Surrounded by nature reserves, canals and the sea, Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands has some of the beautiful camping sites in Europe. So, hit the Dutch nation on a weekend with cheap Amsterdam City Breaks to pitch your tents. Situated in a forest, it takes just a few minutes to reach the camping sites from the city’s central station. After landing at this beautiful spot, one feels that they have stepped into a completely different world. Suitable to all types of campers, one can enjoy delicious food in the open kitchen. And also, the hang out places are available to break into conversation with friendly strangers while sitting around the campfire. Besides, modern facilities like electricity and good furniture ensure a safe and comfortable tenting experience.

Background: Forest and Sea

Activities: Boating, Cycling and Partying

  • Kokopelli, Italy

Italy which exudes charm with passion and fashion is a fascinating holiday destination in the world. Additionally, it has exquisite places for bivouacking. Kokopelli camping area in Abruzzo region at the Adriatic Sea is an ideal destination for the campers. As the pitches are not marked out, one can fix the camps in the site of their choice. Subsequently, the bell tents are on offer for rent if someone doesn’t carry their own equipment. Above all, this is an exotic place to stay disconnected from the outer world. Because there is no electricity to keep your disturbing mobile recharged. Hence, choose Cheap Holidays to Italy to bivouac and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of your routine life. More importantly, there are beaches and hiking trails nearby to extend the horizon of holidaying.

Background: Seafront

Activities: Swimming, Sunbathe, Hiking, Disconnect from World, Peaceful times

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