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Top 7 European City Breaks for Easter Celebrations in April

Easter Celebrations 2020

From spring skiing on the snowy Alps to early sunny City Breaks, the full blossoming month of April brings the budding children their most exotic Spring Breaks in Europe.  The scenic flowering landscapes along with the returning longer and warmer sunny days help to throw away the winter cobwebs. Apart from that, the cheaper shoulder season deals, lesser crowds and fantastic weather make it an ideal time to venture out to a few of the exotic destinations to celebrate the raucous festival.

Most importantly, it is a perfect time to spend a sunny holiday on the continent with young kids. Spot the first chocolate egg in the market through a short weekend break or on extended long haul holiday this Easter. Let the celebrations unfold in April spring with ceremonies and parades. Hit a stunning beach lined up with beautiful promenade filled by lively bars and restaurants. Test your appetite through sampling rich traditional flavours and feed your wanderlust with thrill-filled adventure at the aesthetically beautiful destinations on Easter City Breaks. So, pack your bags to find an exotic outing for a weekend or two at these top Easter destinations in Europe.

Top Easter City Breaks in Europe

  • Berlin, Germany

The city of architecture, industry, street art and vibrant nights is an excellent choice for the exotic weekend during Easter. So, break your first egg in Germany with Berlin City Breaks. Turn your getaway into a soulful journey filled with festive, fiestas and lively music. Fill your memory cards capturing the pictures of Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building and traces of Berlin Wall. Furthermore, cross the Checkpoint Charlie and watch the city enjoying delicious lunch from the heights of Berliner Fernsehturm. Especially, experience the celebratory atmosphere that fills in the air, taste the most authentic German dishes and enjoy the rides at the funfair. Finally, attend the annual Easter Ritterfest and get glamorous on Easter Sunday to take part in the opening of the racing season at Hoppegarten horse track.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

The stylish Amsterdam City Breaks turn into more cultural retreating getaways during Easter in April. Make an easy hop on to this city for a short weekend. Indeed, it is a wonderful place to be for the festive break. Hit out on hunting for eggs in a local zoo and explore the world-class art museums. Besides, take a stroll along the canals and watch the beautiful sunsets. Certainly, the Dutch capital can soothe every soul at the blossoming spring tulip fields and flower markets. Apart from that, there are galore of events to immerse and celebrate the short break. Finally, enjoy the Easter brunch with friends or families and attend the classical concert or a musical festival to dance the weekend away in Amsterdam.

  • Palma, Majorca(Spain)

Either you go out on a short break or venture out on a long haul holiday, Spain’s Balearic island of Majorca is an ideal spot to celebrate Easter dominated by centuries-old traditions. While the rest of the world left behind several of them, the isle still manages to keep the age old charm of celebrating a festival intact. Most importantly, the re-enactment of Christ’s Passion in Palma and several other towns and villages make it a hot-spot destination. So, it will be a great idea to plan Majorca Holidays to coincide with Easter in April. Moreover, the climate lets you to revel on the beautiful shores too. Above all, there are many scheduled events lined up during Easter Weak to enthral the locals and visitors with an exuberant festive atmosphere.

  • Valletta, Malta

Malta is also another destination to celebrate Easter in a more traditional way. Especially, the capital city Valletta is a perfect place to experience the festive charm with children and family. More importantly, the Maltese families meet on Easter Monday to offer the chocolate eggs to the children. More emphatically, there are fantastic viewing spots for the little ones to spot the dolphins. Mainly, the island of Gozo is a wonderful place to watch these friendly sea mammals on Spring Breaks in Malta.

  • Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia has made the Easter tradition a part and parcel of their culture since long and celebrates their life in the festive week in a very charming manner. Specifically, world tourists throng to its capital Zagreb to enjoy the sun, sea and fiestas. Having much more to offer, the Croatian metropolis celebrates the week with decorative eggs. Most important of all, go on Zagreb Spring Breaks to observe the most authentic and true to the spirit kind of celebrations. The streets turn vibrant with people from all parts of the world in April. The jubilant vibes make it an ideal outing in this part of the continent.

  • Rome, Italy

Rome, the capital city of Italy looks eternal as always to experience the Easter. Mainly, people across the globe visit this place to celebrate the holy weekend in a much religious manner. Many in fact feel that it will be overcrowded. But due to most of the concentration on the Vatican, it doesn’t look as packed as one thinks. So, plan it to visit Rome by Good Friday and return on Easter Monday.  Besides, there are many historic and ancient attractions to explore on a Rome City Break. Subsequently, prepare yourself for short spells of rain to keep you warm and dry while enjoying the celebrations.

  • Lisbon, Portugal

Famed for its Fado music and cafe culture, Lisbon is the sunny capital city of Portugal. Sitting on the edge of the Tagus River, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Choose Lisbon City Breaks for this Easter to explore some of the picture-perfect landscapes. Most importantly, it is one of the most beautiful cities on the continent. Starting the festivities on Easter Friday, it celebrates the holy week in a big way. Observe a few of the processions including ‘The Funeral of Jesus’ on Good Friday. Simultaneously, sample down some of the delicious dishes made with codfish, stewed lamb meat and baked bread on Easter Day. Finally, nearby towns of Cascais and Estoril offer perfect spots for a stroll on the soft sand beaches. If the waters are warm enough, one can even take a dip or sunbathe in the azure waters of the ocean.

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