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10 Most Beautiful Sunsets to Capture on Beach Holidays

Europe's Best Sunset Views

A sunset over a skyscraper or it is reflecting on an ocean, there is something about which everyone falls in love with it. Not only the popular beliefs, but even the psychologists say that the beautiful sunsets ensure well-being, generosity and satisfaction. So, what could it be when it comes to viewing them while venturing out on a vacation with Cheap Holidays or Low Deposit Holidays. Watching the sunsets make it an immaculate visual splendour for a perfect day. Either you enjoy the blissfulness of the sun combined with nature at the seafronts, mountains, valleys or it might be from a beach bar on the promenade while sitting and sipping with friends or with families, the sights are always great to capture on a beach holidays. There are many beautiful spots on the earth to watch and click for the Instagram posts. But, catching the sunsets is always gorgeous in Europe. Each place offers its own unique dimension to the sun which is only one though.

Here are some of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe

    1. Tarifa, Spain

Whenever you go on Beach Holidays to Spain , never miss a visit to Tarifa. Of course, just for the sunsets. This city in the southernmost tip of Andalucía region of Spain can be reached with just 30-minute ferry ride from Africa coast too. It is an exceptional spot for the evening views along the Atlantic coast. Most importantly, you need not strain a bit to view the sun in its exotic colours. You can simply gaze at the gorgeous scene with delicious nibbles and sips in a bar on the beautiful promenade. Besides, it is also an exceptional place to indulge in a variety of water sports.

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    2. Santorini, Greece

Sitting amid the Aegean Sea, Santorini Island of Greece offers the most romantic sunsets in the world. Being popular as a romantic destination, the seductive island has endless wonders to discover on Greece Holidays. Be it the popular whitewashed houses, the quaint fishing villages or the beautiful sand beaches, this island makes it a perfect hop for summer outings. Especially, one has to visit the town of Oia for the most picturesque sunsets on the continent. Most important of all, you will be more smitten with the views of Oia Sunsets from a boat on the sea or from a high cliff.

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    3. Dubrovnik—Croatia

How can one forget the most attractive holiday destination in the Mediterranean when we talk about the sunsets? Certainly not! Croatia, the country which enthrals the visitors with historic cities and sites, glorious nature, gushing waterfalls and magnificent mountains, is also a great spot to look at the sky in the evenings. What for? Just to see how beautiful sun can turn the world into. Prefer Croatia Beach Holidays to visit the old town of Dubrovnik for the best views of the sun. Especially, watch the sun go down into the horizon by walking the fortified walls. Above all, the views of the sunset from the cable car just gift you unmatched spectacles of your getaway.

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   4. Amsterdam – Netherlands

The capital of the Dutch never steps back from offering pleasant surprises at its every corner. This heavenly city on earth might not be the best place for the Beach Holidays in the world. But, certainly, there is a manmade beach just 25 kilometres from the city centre which needs a visit just for watching the sunsets with a Cheap City Break. Hop onto the beach in the evenings to see the sun turning the skies into different colours ranging from orange to red. As it goes down into the sea, you will be left breathless while the city lights take over in the background. Just be there to believe it.

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   5. Florence, Italy 

Florence is the fascinating place of Italy and it steals the hearts of visitors with gorgeous sunsets. Piazzale Michelangelo square offers a panoramic view of the city. So, take a nice bottle of wine to reach the top spot of the square in the evening. Gaze at a distance to see sun unfolding its romance on the famous europe city.

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     6. Venice, Italy 

Furthermore, you can also visit the sinking city to spend beautiful evenings on the lake boats or by the eateries along the lakeside. Certainly, take a stroll along the winding lakes to capture the sun’s most romantic images.

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     7. Rome, Italy 

Overlooking the historic centre of the city, Pincio Terrace is an ideal viewpoint to watch the most stunning sunsets in Rome. It looks a real spectacle to the eye when the sun adorns the beauty of these historical structures with golden light in the evenings. Hence, book Rome Holidays to experience the eye feasting views of the sun in the evenings.

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   8. Cairo,  Egypt

Situated on the banks of Nile River, the Egyptian capital Cairo is also an idyllic place to capture the most beautiful images of the sun at the end of the day. The sight of the hot dark orange sun shining and sinking behind the Giza Pyramids leaves the most beautiful sight in your mind. Certainly, a great place to visit on Egypt Holidays. Above all, it also makes it a perfect sojourn into the past watching the ancient sites and mummies.

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  9. St Malo, France

St Malo is a coastal city of France, which is known for its quintessentially attractive cobbled streets of Europe. Moreover, there are full of historical sites and ruins to explore on France Holidays. Delightfully, one can walk the walled pathways and view the sun sinking into the sea behind the scattered islands surrounding the city. Finally, the city comes to life with music, entertainment and candlelight dinners as the sun seizes and leaves his magical colours into the dark.

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   10. Munich, Germany

Munich is a spectacular place to enjoy the glorious sunsets from the bars and benches of parks. There are numerous towers in the city to offer perfect views of sunsets. If you come during summers, you can even lie down on the grass and relax with the sight of amazing colours of the sun. Most important of all, the clear summers also provide you with a beautiful opportunity to watch the sunset on the Alps.

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